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Blake Shelton Ended Up In The Dog House – and Fans Loved It

This weekend Blake Shelton surprised fans by holding a couple of rehearsals at his Ole Red’s in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

After the first appearance Blake shared, “That was a blast yesterday!!! Let’s do it again today at Ole Red Tishomingo’s The Doghouse!!!” Blake added “Come on out and get yourself a drink if you’re bored. I repeat it’s only a rehearsal… It may not be good but at least it’s free!”

Blake’s wife Gwen Stefani was also there, and joined in on performing a few of their duets.

Blake will be kicking off his rescheduled Friends and Heroes 2021 tour in just a few weeks in Omaha – the very town where he was forced to cancel all this shows last year due to COVID-19.

Fans are looking to see Blake perform his Top-10 (and climbing) hit “Minimum Wage” – which is one of the tracks from his latest album, Body Language.

Headline Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Additional Photos  Courtesy of Blake Shelton